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Barley leafy juice if:
        Barley if barley is barley grown to 20 to 30 cm of seedlings, because this period of seedlings contain the most abundant nutrients, so we only use this period of seedlings as raw material. Barley leafy green juice is a balanced and contains six basic nutrients required by the human body and dozens of trace elements, with significant detoxification efficacy, and nutrition cells over alkaline pure natural health food.
Barley leafy green juice is the king of alkaline foods:
        Although a variety of natural juices and minerals in the human body, the overall proportion is not high, but it is involved in some important human life activities, such as energy metabolism, cell repair, acid-base balance, the generation of various hormones, Immune cell maintenance and more. And many vitamins, such as VA, VC, VE, etc. are good anti-oxidant ingredients. And the natural rich minerals determine the barley leaf juice if the over-alkaline, and 80% of human diseases associated with acidic constitution, acidic constitution is the source of all kinds of diseases, if barley leafy juice alkaline as high as 66.5, As "King of Alkaline Foods," it can neutralize acid toxins in the body, balance acid and alkali, and effectively improve acidic constitution. Many processed foods we eat every day contain preservatives, additives, accumulation of these toxic substances in the body over time is very scary, and barley leaf green juice contains chlorophyll can neutralize these toxins and exclude them in vitro to purify the blood . The structure of chlorophyll is very similar to that of human hemoglobin and is therefore also referred to as "green blood" and "drinkable blood." In addition, the composition of chlorophyll bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, for a lot of inflammation, especially skin inflammation, trauma, chronic healing of gastric ulcer, enteritis and so have unexpected results. Furthermore, chlorophyll can inhibit the production of sulfide during metabolism, so chlorophyll bad breath bad breath odor, odor and other body odor.
Barley leafy juice is rich in protein:
        If barley leaf juice contains about 30% of the protein, more than all vegetables, and its protein is a small molecule structure, unlike milk, meat and other macromolecular structure, the more the use of human absorption. Proteins are the most abundant and most complex biological macromolecules in the body. Almost all of the organs and tissues contain protein, accounting for about 45% of the human body's dry weight. Therefore, the protein can be accepted by scientists worldwide as "the material basis of life!"