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The customer provides the sample, we are responsible for the analysis of the components and the production of the party.

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Barley if Ye Qing juice

Barley if Ye Qing juice

Barley leaves are the seedlings of barley grown to 20~30 cm, because seedlings of this period contain the most abundant nutrients, so we only use this period of seedlings as raw materials. Barley, Ye Qing juice, is a high alkaline, pure natural health food that contains six basic nutrients and dozens of trace elements, which has significant detoxification effect and can be nutritious.

Barley Ye Qing juice is the king of alkaline food:

Although the total proportion of natural vitamins and minerals in green juice is not high in human body, it is involved in some important life activities of human body, such as energy metabolism, cell repair, acid-base balance, generation of various hormones, maintenance of immune cells and so on. And many vitamins, such as VA, VC, VE, are all good antioxidants. Natural and rich in minerals to the barley juice if Ye Qing high basicity, while 80% of human disease associated with acidic and acidic is the source of diseases, barley alkaline Ye Qing juice as high as 66.5, known as the "king of alkaline foods, can neutralize the acidic toxins in the body, effectively improve the balance of acid and alkali, acid physical fitness. Every day we eat a lot of processed foods containing preservatives and additives. Over time, the accumulation of these toxic substances in the body is very terrible. And the chlorophyll contained in Ye Qing's juice can neutralize these toxins and exclude them in order to purify the blood. The structure of chlorophyll is very similar to the human erythrocyte, so it is also called "green blood" and "can drink blood".

Barley Ye Qing juice is rich in protein:

Barley, if Ye Qing's juice contains about 30% protein, exceeds all vegetables, and its protein is small molecular structure, different from milk, meat and other macromolecular structure, and more absorbed by human body. Protein is the most abundant and complex biological macromolecule in organism. Almost all organs and tissues contain protein, which accounts for 45% of the dry weight of human body. As a result, protein is known to scientists as the "material basis of life".