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Dehydrated vegetables and food drying equipment

Dehydrated vegetables and food drying equipment

Fresh vegetable processing cannot do without drying equipment series, can think has great effect on drying equipment of dehydrated vegetables in the production of the final product quality, taste and appearance.
There are two kinds of drying methods: natural drying and artificial dehydration. Artificial dehydration includes drying of oven, microwave drying, puffing drying, infrared and far infrared dry system, vacuum drying, etc. At present, the more advanced artificial dehydration is the refrigeration vacuum dehydration method, which not only preserves the original color, fragrance, ignorance and shape of fresh vegetables, but also has the ideal quick rehydration. The process flow is: selection of raw materials, cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, cooling, draining, freezing, vacuum drying, separation, inspection and packaging.
At present, an important trend of food processing technology is to maintain the maximum nutrition and color and flavor of food, and the selection of drying process and equipment has a great influence on the nutrition, color and aroma of food products. The drying of food is a necessary measure to improve the storage and quality of food. The performance of the dryer directly affects the quality and value of the dry food. In recent years, various kinds of dryer with various functions, high efficiency, low energy consumption and strong adaptability have been developed in China. Food drying technology and equipment have made many progress.
I believe that with the further improvement and innovation of the equipment, the top quality dehydrated vegetables will further improve the quality and create the new taste. It will bring you a new diet experience, more nutritious, greener and richer. Please look forward to it.